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Bell's Basic Breakfast

Breakfast includes eggs your way, choice of meat, toast, seasoned home fries, and coffee.

Red Flannel Hash & Eggs

New England red flannel hash made with local potatoes, beets slaw, corned beef, fried up with onions, comes with two eggs and choice of toast

Chicken Avocado Salad

Bed of leaf lettuce, tomato wedges, pepperoncini, bacon, avocado slices, topped with chicken salad

Spinach Salad

All of our fresh vegetables on a bed of spinach leaves with bacon, hard boiled eggs, and parmesan cheese

Breakfast Burrito

Scrambled eggs with home fries your choice of cheese, meat, two veggies inside a garlic herb wrap

Greek Salad

Leaf lettuce with kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, artichoke hearts, tomato, croutons, and choice of dressing

Chill Out with Our Cold Brew Selection

Chill Out with Our Cold Brew Selection
Sip on our refreshing cold brew. Made with premium coffee beans, it's the perfect pick-me-up. Enjoy it black or with a splash of cream. Our cold brew pairs perfectly with our avocado toast or a classic bagel with lox. Treat yourself to a glass today!

Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options for Cafe Favorites

Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options for Cafe Favorites
Craving cafe favorites? Enjoy convenient delivery and pickup options for our American-inspired dishes. Indulge in our famous cold brew, savory avocado toast, and fluffy pancakes from the comfort of your home. Order online for a hassle-free experience and savor the flavors you love.

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